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June 10, 2008

The Kite Runner: Book Review

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The kite runner

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Googy rating: 4/5


Amir famous for his petty novels in America who is of Afghan origin is seeking to redeem himself for the sins he had performed for his childhood servant friend by getting an unexpected call from his father’s best friend in his death bed. He goes into the wildness of the war camp in Afghanistan and Pakistan to save himself from his depressing thoughts of his betrayal to the best of friends, his loyal kite runner.


Khaled Hosseini, the Afghan author has donated the literary world one of the best story every laid in the best possible manner in his very first book. Hats off…The story mainly revolves around Afghanistan where the author has given a lot of description about the beauty of the Afghanistan and its people. He has also explained the day to day life of Afghan refugees in America with much effort though it does not make a stand near the beauties of Afghanistan. He provided a story which may catch you by your throat to make you read it fully. The story line is quite different and the way it has been put it can make you cry for the two main characters. The story describes the innocent nature of children and the way they enjoy their sinless life. Specifically the way the author has described about the kite flying competition makes you return to your childhood. The eagerness of a motherless boy striving for his father’s kindness and respect is described in the apt manner as it should be. The whole book is not sober as there are some really exciting things in the story which makes you enjoy your time spent in the book. The only thing I felt unclear about the story is the coincidence of the military general in the Afghanistan war camp and the end of story. I didn’t like the end of story much but many of my friends said it was really good.

Bottom line: A really good book to spend time in.

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